About us

Our mission is to create a value chain, sourcing the best raw materials for your company and offering our decade-long experience.

Our quality guarantee

Why choose Geber

Top quality suppliers

We work with the largest producers of raw materials in the world, all certified.


Highly qualified management with a decade of experience in the sector.

International shipments

We offer fast and safe delivery solutions and personalized shipments.

Competitive prices

We are committed to offering the best possible quotes to our clients.

100% traceable origin

Transparency is important to us: the origin of our products is always traceable.

Ad hoc storage

Our products are stored in protected environments to preserve their high quality.

Our history, our mission

Our passion for a healthy lifestyle and quality inspired us, in 2020, to found Geber. Our aim was to help companies in the wine, food and nutraceutical sectors find the best raw ingredients available on the market at the best possible prices.

Our mission is to create a value chain, where the satisfaction of our partner companies, as well as of the final consumers, is also ours.

That’s why we work only with the best certified producers and offer exclusively 100% traceable raw materials.

We put care and attention into every detail, with this simple sentence we want to express our commitment to ensuring our customers a quality experience, remembering that they are not just customers, but collaborators.

Our headquarters are located in the oldest republic in the world, the Republic of San Marino, a unique place in the world and a stone’s throw from the lush vineyards of Romagna and the Adriatic Sea.

The choice of place is not accidental, because the Republic of San Marino is in fact a point of reference in the field of nutraceuticals at international level.

From this special country we work together with companies from all over the world and we are committed to making our contribution to creating a more beautiful, tastier, healthier world.