Natural colorants

100% natural and certified customized colorants

Geber offers natural food colors based on anthocyanins derived from grapes and red carrots.

What are Anthocyanins?

Anthocyanins are those natural pigments found in many fruits, vegetables and flowers in purple and violet shades, such as grapes, berries and red carrots. These precious elements are beneficial to health thanks to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Natural anthocyanins derived from grapes

Enocyanin is obtained from the skin of red grapes, a natural dye with a red-purple color available both in liquid and powder form.

Part of the anthocyanin family, enocyanin is a premium product for coloring food and drinks in a natural way. The simplicity of use, easy filtering and stability are some of the points in favour of this precious natural colorant. The chromatic range of enocyanin is very vast and ranges from red to purple to brown.

Natural anthocyanins derived from red carrot

With the pigments contained in red carrots it is possible to obtain natural dyes for food and drinks in the range of reds, purples and pinks.

The natural colorant derived from red carrots has great advantages over anthocyanins derived from other vegetables, including a low pH and reduced costs, as well as beautiful colors that will add a special touch to the product.

A unique and natural color for your products

We collaborate with important international producers and with certified laboratories that will assist the customer during the process, following his specific needs and faithfully developing the desired color tone.

Thanks to the most advanced technologies it is possible to extract the pigments of red grapes and carrots, obtaining a very pure and concentrated product which, in minimal quantities, will give food and drinks the desired shade, without altering their organoleptic qualities.

With anthocyanins you can give an inviting and natural color to many types of foods and drinks such as: confectionery and baked goods, ice creams, syrups, jams, yoghurts and wines, in countries where it is permitted.

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